WHAT is it?

Explore Yucaipa! is a tourism campaign designed to promote the City of Yucaipa, events, outdoor activities and shopping and dining experiences. The Explore Yucaipa program encourages local residents to shop locally and support the economic growth of small businesses. The Explore Yucaipa campaign will promote the City at a regional level and encourages the regional resident to discover Yucaipa. The goal is to help stimulate and grow the local economy by infusing the regional shopper into Yucaipa and connecting the visitor to local businesses. That is where you, the business owner, plays an important role.

Explore Yucaipa! Restaurant Program

Certain establishments have found a following in the greater Southern California culinary community and food critics continue to rave about what this small town has to offer. From authentic Greek and Italian to fresh sushi and home-style cooking, Yucaipa will offer a dining experience not soon forgotten. Restaurants wanting to participate can submit an offer to be included in the Explore Yucaipa Now brochure. The brochure will have restaurants name, addresses and coupons to encourage guests to venture into local restaurants that they might not have even considered. Brochures then will be distributed at sporting venues and events such as swim meets, soccer matches, equestrian events and more.

Restaurants that join the program are featured in the Explore Yucaipa Dining page and The City of Yucaipa App. That’s right! City of Yucaipa also now has a new app and is readily available for download. Businesses that participate in program are promoted on the Dinning Section of the app giving your restaurant more attention and more customers.

Interested in joining? Click HERE to start!

Explore Yucaipa! Merchandise

Do you love Yucaipa and would like to show off your pride?. Stop by the visitor center located in the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce and view our many items available for purchase! A sample of our selection can be found here.