Voluntary Service is committed to providing a comprehensive volunteer program through community resources via volunteerism, donations and activities to serve our Nation’s Veterans and their family with dignity and compassion.

Volunteers Provide a Two‐Fold Service

Volunteers provide a direct service to the staff and patients by participating in programs designed for patient welfare under VA supervision. The services of the Volunteer, especially with new patients, pave the way for a more relaxed hospitalization. Volunteers are often the first ones seen when one enter the Medical Center. The manner in which you interact with each person does make a lasting impression. It is the “extra” things performed by the Volunteers throughout the medical center that make the BIG difference with the patients. Volunteers provide an equally important indirect service by acting as public relations ambassadors to our community. They inform their friends and neighbors about the VA’s medical care and treatment programs and the role of the community in assisting with these programs.

Join our Team!

The Volunteer Program here at VA Loma Linda Healthcare System is a very rewarding experience that allows the volunteer to interact with Veterans and VA staff members and understand the VA culture. The timeline to become a volunteer can take up to 3 weeks for processing and fingerprint clearance.


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