There are a lot of things I love, but when it comes to Scentsy I ADORE it. My love for Scentsy started 5 years ago when I bought my 1st warmer and Scentsy Bar from a party, that I didn’t even want to go to!! Before this, I used  traditional candles in every room of my house. They would burn out and I would replace them. I was spending a lot of money on candles every month and needless to say my husband was not a fan. So when I brought home Scentsy he and I were both still skeptical, but we tried it anyway. I am proud to say that I have not bought a candle since that day. My husband is much happier and even though he does not like to admit it.. He LOVES Scentsy too! Every time I walk in my house I am never disappointed. Who doesn’t like their home to smell amazing every single day? And the best part.. NO Soot, NO Flame and NO Wick!!

There is a Scentsy Warmer and Scent for everyone out there. It will fit your lifestyle in every way! There is so many different scents and styles to chose from, it’s just simply amazing.

Scentsy also has many other products including Laundry, Body Lotions, Hand Creams, Hand Soaps, Bath bombs, Cleaning products and much more!

Are you ready to try Scentsy? Please let me help your Love grow just like mine did.


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