MAY 10 – JUNE 28, 2019

UPTOWN -Yucaipa

Information • Rules • Application

May and June 2018 Friday evenings 6:00-9:00 p.m.



Uptown is operated by the City of Yucaipa with the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce managing the vendor aspect of the event. The purpose of Uptown is to promote business in the revitalized Uptown Historic Yucaipa district. It is an event that is organized and administered by the City of Yucaipa. This event is designed to:

• Create a positive image for Uptown Yucaipa;

• Expose community members and visitors to the merchandise and services offered Uptown;

• Promote the Uptown as the center of retail, social, and civic activity;

• Enhance the entire community

It is the goal of the city of Yucaipa to schedule activities for Uptown that provide a wholesome, family atmosphere. The activities should appeal to all ages, and provide a product/service mix that reaches all aspects of the marketplace.


Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce and the City of Yucaipa has full discretion concerning the use of Yucaipa Boulevard for Uptown activities.

To participate in the event, an application must be received by the Monday prior to the desired date. The Uptown Committee will review the application at its regularly scheduled meeting. Merchandise for sale, or photos of, must be viewed by market staff before the applicant is accepted into the market. Applicants may send pictures with their application, drop photos off at the chamber office or email photos to ellen@yucaipachamber.org.

* NOTE: Vendors wishing to sell items not listed on their applications or making any changes to their market activity must submit changes for approval.



  • Merchandise sales: Sales may be conducted by merchandise vendors, nonprofit organizations and other licensed individuals and businesses
    upon approval by the Uptown Committee. Sales must be limited to those items specified on the application.
  • Distribution of Information: All groups or individuals wishing to disseminate information, pass petitions, or promote political, religious, or
    personal beliefs are asked to submit a signed application. These groups are also responsible for picking up any litter generated by the
    distribution of hand-outs. Bull horns, loudspeakers, and other means of sound amplification shall not be used. Participants may not harass,
    follow, or intimidate uptown visitors. There shall be no posting of handbills on trees, buildings, or vehicles.
  • Food Concessions: Food vendors shall submit copies of appropriate Health Department permits upon approval of their application. It is the
    responsibility of individual food vendors to learn, and adhere to, all Health Department regulations and standards. Food vendors shall place a minimum of one trash receptacle outside their booth for customer use. In addition, food vendors shall place a drop cloth on the ground in any cooking area where food or grease may leave a residue. Food vendors must remove and take all grease, food remnants, and trash from their booth and the market upon dismantling. Leaving trash next to existing trash receptacles is not permitted.


Participants shall comply with all city, county, and state permit requirements. It is the responsibility of the vendor to be aware of all permit requirements and, upon approval, pay any fees associated with the issuance of these permits. The following permits shall be on premises during Uptown:

• City of Yucaipa Business License tax receipt – (909) 797-2489 Ext. 237;

• San Bernardino County health permit (for food vendors only) – (800) 442-2283

• State Board of Equalization permit naming 35139 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa as the business sub-location – (951) 680-6400.


The following fees are per day:

  • $35 Merchandise, Information Vendors and Non-profit vendors – Single space ($30 Chamber Members)
  • $40 Food Vendor – Single space ($30 Chamber Member)
  • $50 Prepared Food Vendor – Double space ($40 Chamber Member)
  • $20 Uptown Business ($10 Chamber Members) No additional discounts

The following discounts are available to Chamber members only:

  • 10% discount with payment of the entire eight-week event. No refunds.
  • Chamber members may receive a 10% discount in addition to the discounted member price.

All fees must be paid by 4:00 p.m., on the Tuesday prior to Friday participation. If payment is not received by this time, vendor risks losing their spot.

Vendors are responsible for bringing the following items: EZ – UP or another canopy with weights, tables with tablecloths, extension cord – minimum of 50 feet, surge protector and lights. Electrical outlets will be provided.

The Market Rain Policy will be determined by the forecasts on the Weather Channel’s website, www.weather.com Friday at noon. Should the forecast predict a 60% chance of rain at 5 pm or later, UFN will be canceled for the evening. Vendors can check the site by accessing the website at www.weather.com, entering 92399 in the zip code field, and then clicking on the “Hour-by-Hour Forecast”. Uptown participants may also call the office at (909) 790-1841.

Should the weather defy the forecast, the event staff will proceed with the following guidelines: 1) the deadline to cancel the market will be 2 p.m., only if it is raining at 2 p.m. or if the streets are wet at that time; 2) when the market is canceled, a message will be emailed. Vendors may pay with cash, money order, or checks made payable to YVCC. There is a $35 charge for all returned checks. Please do not send cash with the application, cash accepted at the Chamber office. Vendors may leave credit card information on file at the Chamber office.

If the chamber office should be closed, you mail drop off documents via the mail slot in the chamber door. Please note the vendor name on all documents.

Space numbers are marked in chalk in the center of the vendor space with a strip of duct tape on the street designating the space width. Standard space size is 12′ x 12′. Participants must stay within their assigned spaces. The sidewalks, streets, planters and fire lanes must remain clear. Boxes and storage items will not be allowed in the view of the public. Vendors must present an attractive display including the use of table drapes. Drapes must be hemmed and long enough to cover any items stored underneath. Spaces are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The Uptown committee shall review all space assignments on a regular basis.

The Uptown Committee reserves the right to relocate vendors and/or reassign spaces at its discretion. Activities no longer deemed appropriate, or that do not coincide with UFM goals shall be discontinued.


Set Up – Vendors ARE NOT ALLOWED to park on Yucaipa Boulevard until streets are completely closed and vehicle traffic has ceased. At NO TIME are vendors to block the street preventing a constant flow of traffic.

Vendors may not block parking spaces or sidewalks prior to the 5:00 set up time under any circumstances. Business entrances and their `Private Parking’ spaces cannot be blocked at any time.

Vendors will always give right-of-way to vehicles parked on Yucaipa Boulevard, trying to vacate a parking space. At no time will a vendor be allowed to bring more than one vehicle on the street at a time. After unloading and before setting up, the vehicle must be removed from the street.

All vehicles must be off Yucaipa Boulevard by 5:45 p.m. and all PARKING RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!! Vendors arriving late (after 5:45 p.m.) are not guaranteed access to their space and will be required to carry their merchandise to their vendor space.

At 9:00 p.m. the event concludes. Vendors MUST wait until all pedestrian traffic has cleared before driving onto the street, NO exceptions.

Booths shall be dismantled and merchandise shall be packed prior to bringing vehicles onto the street. During dismantling, vehicles are allowed on the street for loading only.

Barricades are removed approximately one hour after market activities conclude – the streets must be cleared by that time. Blocking the street is not allowed at any time during the event. All vendors must stay for the duration of the event. Anyone leaving before 9:00 p.m. risks exclusion from future events.


Fire lanes must be maintained during set up, operation and dismantling. Vehicles must be able to proceed down the center of the street at all times. Participants shall be aware of code requirements and comply; offenders shall be cited.


Specific guidelines have been established for Yucaipa Boulevard electrical facilities. Vendors are restricted to a maximum of 75 watts and food vendors are limited to 5 amps.


The City of Yucaipa is under no obligation to provide power, water or any other equipment to participants. Power bars and extension cords shall be secured by vendors and conform to city requirements.


  1. The City of Yucaipa and the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for theft or damage to property belonging to persons participating in Uptown and does not assume any responsibility for items left unattended during Uptown activities.
  2. No person participating in Uptown shall state, imply or otherwise suggest that the City of Yucaipa or the Chamber of Commerce sponsors or supports the views of his/her organization.
  3. Booths must be staffed at all times, and participants in Uptown shall be appropriately dressed and conduct themselves with proper decorum.
  4. Participants may not sell merchandise of adult nature, alcohol or drug paraphernalia. Neither may any merchandise be sold that may imply, suggest or support this type of activity.
  5. No person shall deface or otherwise abuse downtown buildings, plants or other facilities. Vendors are not permitted to set-up merchandise, booth materials, etc. on sidewalks or in planters.
  6. All participants shall reimburse the City of Yucaipa or the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce for any costs incurred relating directly to their activity. This includes damage to: landscaping, street fixtures, electrical outlets, storefronts, etc.
  7. All participants shall keep their area clean during the activity, and leave the space and surrounding area clean afterward. Vendors are required to take with them all waste caused by or relating to their activity.
  8. Excessive noise from sound systems, musical performances, and other audio equipment is prohibited. Vendors and entertainers using audio equipment shall ensure that noise levels created by their activity do not interfere with the activities of other market participants. Any violations or complaints about the noise level will be grounds for suspension.
  9. Whereas, parties involved in the selling or transfer of items for sale during this event known as Uptown, under penalties of law, under the copyright codes set forth with the Department of Commerce, will not transfer or permit for resale, items that do not bear the registered trademark of trademarked items, without the written approval of the registering agency and its companies, for which items are protected under the trademark act. If a vendor is caught selling illegal items, the Uptown staff, City of Yucaipa, and the Chamber of Commerce cannot be held responsible for the actions of the vendor and the vendor will be immediately suspended from the event.
  10. Vendors shall not interfere, verbally or physically, with the activities of other market participants. All questions and/or complaints should be directed to the Uptown Committee. The Committee shall respond appropriately.
  11. Vendors are not allowed to sell “irregulars, seconds, buy-out or clearance” merchandise.
  12. Booth display requirements within vendor area must include: canopy, all tables covered by table drapes; NO selling out of storage boxes; all storage boxes are to be covered by the table drapes; signs must be of professional quality (NOT handwritten) and NO flashing, blinking or strobe lights may be used.
  13. Uptown Businesses may participate in Uptown Friday Nights, selling or promoting only those products or services relating to their uptown business. Booths must be merchandised and staffed always. They shall abide by the same rules, regulations, and cancellation policies as vendors. An application shall be completed indicating the dates requested.
  14. All participants shall comply with all the above rules. Noncompliance, including offensive conduct, may result in immediate revocation of Uptown privileges and forfeiture of fees. The Uptown Committee reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant; they shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, sex or national origin.
  15. Verbal and/or written warnings will be issued to any participant not complying with the rules and regulations of UFN. If noncompliance continues after a 2nd warning is issued (regardless of reason) participant shall be suspended from the event.
  16. Any Uptown participant that is denied access, reprimanded, or questions any decision made has recourse by submitting a written request for consideration to the Uptown Committee. The Uptown committee has final jurisdiction over all Uptown activities and decisions.
  17. The Uptown event is a smoke-free zone.
  18. Uptown Friday Nights rules are subject to change without notice.

Submit completed application to: Uptown • Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce
35139 Yucaipa Blvd • Yucaipa, CA 92399 • (909) 790-1841 • Fax: (909) 363-7373